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Charles "Fred" Anspach

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1944-2019. died on Sept. 4. cause of death was corticobasal degeneration   lucky me! i had an awesome life. more ups than downs. born and raised in newport news. parents were dick & eva anspach. two siblings, older brother larry and sweet sister linda hartley. married sue miller in 1965. we had two daughters, stephanie lynne(1969) and laura sue(1971). laura died of oral cancer in 2005. stephanie lives in the UK and has four children-ashton, cole, gardiner and hayden with husband tim hunt. i graduated from newport news high and william & mary. i taught school for 3 yrs and then became a longshoreman and retired after 37 years in 2002. the man who was most responsible for me becoming  the person i became is my high school football/track coach Charlie Nuttycombe. he was the first adult to support me and believe in me. he never said a negative word to me. i loved him. i met marilyn murphy in 2000 and we married in 2001. i was a super lucky man to marry 2 wonderful ladies. marilyn was my wife and caretaker. marilyn made my life as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. She never complained about anything she did for me and she had to do EVERYTHING. I was like a paraplegic. she is responsible for me living as long as i did.

Now I am dead...I think the lights have been turned off and the party is over...i doubt there is any after life. No funeral or "celebration" of life party for me. celebrate your own life every day. I would like my friends and family to celebrate my life, if anything, death by doing a good deed or by complimenting someone...as someone said-"here a little while, gone a long time!!! Enjoy your life!  bye bye, fred

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