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Peace of Mind

Preplanning a funeral creates peace of mind and assures that your family knows your wishes for your funeral service. Although it may be difficult to discuss death, it is ultimately in your family’s best interests to deal openly with funeral arrangements. Preplanning avoids any misunderstandings during the survivors’ emotional turmoil following your loved ones’ death.

You can decide ahead of time about whether you’d like a traditional funeral, a memorial service, celebration of life, burial and/or cremation. You can specify your funeral arrangements to the smallest detail including a special song or a specific piece of clothing. We will keep these written instructions until they are needed.

Preplanning Funeral

Personal Attention

Our Funeral Director will discuss all options with you and outline the expense required for your plan. We will provide you with helpful information for organizing your personal and financial information (such as vital statistics, biographical information, wills, account information, and important documents) that will assist your survivors.


Prevent Overspending

Prefinancing a funeral allows you more control of your funeral expenses, preventing your family from possible overspending during an emotional time. By law, the money you've spent planning your funeral will be deposited in an insurance policy until needed to cover the expenses, at today's prices.


Planning your funeral is just as important as planning for any of life’s other milestones or rituals. Preplanning offers these advantages:

  • A Preplanned Funeral is an exempt asset when applying for Medicaid, 55I Benefits, Federal Bankruptcy, or Nursing Home Care.
  • Your plan can be transferred if you move to another city or state.
  • Excess monies after your funeral will be returned to your beneficiaries.
  • You and your family have peace of mind now and less stress later.
Veronica Weymouth

Veronica Weymouth
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